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In Mellini we are always attracted to novelties when it comes to improving our homes, while at the same time caring about the well-being of our customers. That is why we have begun to introduce into our projects what we might call \"intelligent ventilation\". This new technology will undoubtedly turn air conditioning into something of the past in the near future.

By enabling a small engine room, a vent air distribution system is installed which distributes fresh air to all rooms of the house. So far nothing seems different from a vented air conditioner system, but the difference is in how it distributes the air, and the quality of it. The system collects the stale, smelly, contaminated, humid air, and expels it to the outside, releasing totally fresh air, free of allergens and pathogens thanks to its special filters. 

It is also much more efficient than any heating or air conditioning, it cools, heats, humidifies and dehumidifies. The system that we have installed in our new project in La Manzanera (Calpe) is a \"Confosystem\" from the brand Zehnder , and after breathing the air inside the house it has left us fascinated. Something very interesting for people with allergies, who live with pets, smokers, etc ... 


If you want to know more about this system please contact us and come and see it and breathe for yourself in one of our houses.