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BLUEBAY, the Mediterranean viewpoint

\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"BlueBay\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\", our current most ambitious pilot house project, is now in development. As for its location, and its impressive 180º sea views, we decided to give this unique plot the importance it deserved with this project.

We like to create HOMES, where people feel at ease and even if they are holiday homes, they feel like home. We try to maintain the link we have always had with the tradition of our area, providing warmth with natural constructive elements such as stone, wood and metals. We have experienced that some clients flee from modern homes because they say they find them cold,  with lack of life, more a museum or public space than a proper home. In Mellini we have always tried to go a little further and that is why we never turn our backs on evolution and trends, rather the opposite, we try to be part of this evolution with our own stamp. The design by the architect Adriana Ludueña, perfectly fuses the current modern trend with \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"the usual\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\", thus giving greater warmth and charm to its lines, while integrating seamlessly into the environment. The materials chosen are of the highest quality and combine a series of cutting-edge technological aspects to make the experience of this special property more pleasant.

The plot is large and wide, parallel to the sea, a vehicle can go from street level to the main floor along a nice ramp without having to go up or down stairs to enter the house. Something that may seem normal to the naked eye, but which is very difficult to achieve on the rest of the plots with this type of view and slope of the terrain, where inevitably you have to build accesses with stairs or elevators.

At the moment the project is in the phase of structure, the pool area has been curved out and the ground floor has already been built. The project is estimated to be finished by December 2018, until then we leave you with the rest of the information in the following link.